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Whether across town or across the country, we are here to help every step of the way, managing all aspects of the move, making transitions smoother and easier.

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Preparation for the move:

  1. Free in-home consultation

  2. Developing an overall move plan, or an “age in place” plan

  3. Help locating a realtor

  4. Staging assistance (getting your house or apartment ready for sale)

  5. To-scale, customized floor plan/layout of the new home (You’ll know what furniture fits, and exactly where it will go.)

  6. Organizing, sorting and downsizing (Surprising how liberating this can be.)

  7. Assessing storage problems and designing                                      solutions (space planning)

  8.    Arranging for art and antique appraisals

  9. Arranging for sale or donation of unwanted items

  10. Delivery of your treasured items to loved ones

  11. Arranging special shipments and storage

  12. Packing coordination and packing, including supplies

  13. Professional shredding services

  14. Clean-up services

  15. Contacting utility companies, forwarding mail and magazines, etc.


  1. Overseeing the movers and the move completely

  2. Handling utilities shut down and start up

  3. Pet transportation and care

WE MOVE SENIORS!     Downsizing, sorting, organizing, moving, and settling into a new home.

In the new home:

Recreating your environment the way you want it, and settling into your new home!

  1. Moving in, placing furniture, and unpacking

  2. Setting up the new home: organizing drawers, closets, shelves and pantries; complete assembly of kitchen, bath and bedroom, including making up the beds.

  3. Moving the cartons out

  4. Connecting electronics

  5. Top-flight handyman services

  6. Hanging drapes and pictures


  1. Related services, including cleaning, waste removal, shopping for new items, additional furniture, food

  2. Site safety assessment

  3. Arranging storage closures, house clean outs